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  1. Alexandra Moxin, CSO, Adaptech Group Introduction Have you ever wondered why most software projects start off well and then, several months later, turn slow and difficult? You’ve likely fallen into the traps of design as you go, two-week sprints that never accomplish much, and more ceremony meetings than time to complete your work. Maybe you’ve […]

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  6. A year ago I wrote an article to give some insight into how an open source project looks behind the scenes from a maintainer’s perspective. One year on, I thought it might be interesting to share an update on that. Who I am and what the project is and does was covered previously and hasn’t […]

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  8. The AsyncAPI specification emerged in response to the growing need for a standardized and comprehensive framework that addresses the challenges of designing and documenting asynchronous APIs. It is a collaborative effort of leading tech companies, open source      communities, and individual contributors who actively participated in the creation and evolution of the AsyncAPI specification.  […]

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  10. Introduction In basic terms, an event-driven architecture (EDA) is a distributed system that involves moving data and events between microservices in an asynchronous manner with an event broker acting as the central nervous system in the overall architecture. It is a software design pattern in which decoupled applications can asynchronously publish and subscribe to events […]

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