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  1. This month, our communities met in Chicago for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America, where AI topics were front and center. Two new LF Research reports have been published: the World of Open Source Global Spotlight and the 2023 State of Open Source in Financial Services. We also launched two new projects, the App Defense Alliance […]

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  2. Elevate your profile. Improve your skills. Showcase your badges. Get significant deals on open source training and certification from Linux Foundation. Deals end December 4, so start saving now! SAVE NOW

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  3. “An important aspect of Perses strategy is the foundational open source path. Perses is already a project under the Linux Foundation, which means it does not belong to Amadeus or any of the other contributing companies, but to the vendor-neutral foundation, and under its governance. Furthermore, Perses’s end goal is to join the Cloud Native Computing […]

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  4. This month’s newsletter will be one of our biggest ever! In October, our communities met in person at the Open Source Summit Europe in Bilbao and KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + OSS in Shanghai, China.  At OpenSSF’s Secure Open Source Summit in Washington, DC, we continued advancing important conversations to improve the security of software supply […]

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  5. Introducing the internal data written to Click to Read More at Oracle Linux Kernel Development

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  7. 2023 has emerged as a watershed moment in the open source landscape. This year’s Open Source Program Office (OSPO) survey by the Linux Foundation and the TODO Group sheds new insights into their pervasiveness within organizations worldwide. The people behind these entities have transitioned from niche to mainstream, serving as critical bridges between organizations and the open source community. Here, we’ll explore the report's key findings and the remaining gaps, and discuss the implications for the future of open source.

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  9. In an era where digital transformation is not just a buzzword but a necessity across industries, Open Source Software (OSS) has emerged as a driver for public sector innovation. The Linux Foundation's groundbreaking report, "The European Public Sector Open Source Opportunity," written by Cailean Osborne, Mirko Boehm, and Ana Jimenez Santamaria, with a foreword by Gabriele Columbro, GM of Linux Foundation Europe, explores the intricate and essential relationship between OSS and public governance.

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  10. Expect to see open source “not approved for the EU” if the EU CRA goes forward.

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