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Our objective is to provide a host of information & communications technology (ICT) services that meet the customer's needs.  Our customer's requirements are enhanced by providing a unified/integrated approach of cyber domain capabilities.  We support our customer twofold; by enhancing the products/services they sell and by enhancing their ICT business environment.  The result of CDCG's work with the customer is enhanced products/services and business environment while providing the greatest return on investment (ROI) to our customer.

Our Customers


Today, individuals are overwhelmed with all the online offerings presented to them.  CDCG's goal is to become a center of excellence in helping individuals navigate through the "cyber jungle" and assist them in establishing and maintaining a cyber presence and environment that supports their needs.

Organizations (Profit & Non-Profit)

CDCG supports organizations and businesses with comprehensive professional ICT consulting services and ICT infrastructure support.  We are particularly interested in working with organizations that haven't established their ICT environment or are planning to upgrade.

U.S. Government (Local, State, & Federal)

CDCG supports U.S. agencies with comprehensive professional and IT consulting services and ICT infrastructure support.

Our Core Technology Areas

Our company specializes in the following areas:


Core Services

Within each of CDCG's core technology areas, we offer capabilities within these service areas:


ICT Products and Services

Environment Integrator

We use the term environment vice systems integrator to emphasize it's more important to have a well integrated operational cyber environment vice just having an integrated ICT environment.  We will establish an operational cyber environment for you and then integrate the information and communications technologies to meet your mission needs.

Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Typically, VARs will focus on either hardware (hardware-centric VAR) or software (software-centric VAR) as their primary product offering.  CDCG, Inc. is pioneering a new VAR approach; a cyber-centric VAR.  We define a cyber-centric VAR as a company focused on the cyber domain and what it has to offer the customer.  Then we identify the best hardware and software to empower the customer to best use the cyber domain in their day-to-day business operations and product lines.  Our added value comes from the professional services we offer such as designing, integrating, customizing, consulting, training, and implementation. Additionally, we can offer custom application development.

Application Service Provider (ASP)

In order for CDCG, Inc. to provide a flexible cyber domain solution, we must also be an ASP.  This lets the customer decide whether it's in their best interest to host their cyber domain capabilities locally, to have them hosted, or a combination of the two.

Bringing it all Together

As a provider of ICT capabilities and services, CDCG, Inc. has numerous ICT offerings and has partnered with other ICT companies to provide our customers a "one-stop shop" in meeting their ICT needs.  CDCG, Inc. provides several customer support levels via our Virtual CIO program.  Some of our current services and offerings are:

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VOSB Certification

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